April 20, 2009

Hot Shopping Tips: Look Good, Spend Less!

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Banana Republic "Racerback dress" - Sale Price: $59.99 (Org. $98)

Banana Republic "Racerback dress" - Sale Price: $59.99 (Org. $98)


With the current financial crisis, many stores are having sales to attract customers, and well, I can’t say I’m disappointed about that.  Right now, Banana Republic is a great place to shop because the sale section is overflowing with merchandise that has been marked down several times!  I love this store even more now because they have a new designer who is putting more color into the clothing line, improving the cuts so each style has a better fit; and the shoes are far more comfortable while still being fashionable. 

Another hit these days is the Arden B store. This is a store that I use to go to but haven’t been in for quite some time. I have a friend, however, who swears by them.  She told me their sale merchandise is not only heavily marked down but also has another 60%-65% taken off the sale price when you reach the register!  How awesome is that? Unlike most stores, the sale section is filled not only with winter items, but with spring and summer pieces as well.  One can easily walk out of there with $5 belts and $8 tops amongst other things.  With prices like those, you can leave the store with bags full of new clothes and accessories.  What’s better than great, stylish clothes at affordable prices??? ~ By Amore, dana’s loft HAIR blogger


Spring Treats: MAC Cosmetics’ Sugarsweet Collection!

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MAC's Sugarsweet Shadestick ~ Retail Price: $16.50

MAC's Sugarsweet Shadestick ~ Retail Price: $16.50



With warmer weekends teasing my senses and causing spring fever, I am now, like many women, in the mood to shop.  I stopped at a MAC cosmetics store the other day (because I can’t live without their products) and noticed that they have a new spring collection called Sugarsweet.  This collection is full of spring-like colors that represent popular confections and sweet treats.  I tried the Sugarsweet Shadestick which is a creamy eye shadow that is conveniently packaged in a lipstick type tube for easy mess-free applications. 

There are five different cupcake inspired colors and the best part is that the colors really do have a frosty look to them with just enough shimmer to satisfy the little girl inside you without going overboard.  They sell for $16.50 and can be combined with other great items from this collection such as the mineralized powder and lipstick.  Right now MAC has a promotion going on so if you buy your products online they will ship your purchase for free if it’s over $60. ~ By Amore, dana’s loft HAIR Blogger

Fresh Spring Looks: Going Edgy & Bohemian Chic!

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay's New Spring Do'!



I have to say that I am a H-U-G-E fan of the bohemian hair style.  Giselle Bundchen and Lindsay Lohan are two celebs that tend to sport this style a lot.  I think it’s great because it’s a style that gets better as the day goes on and it can easily be taken from day to night without much effort- the perfect look to start Spring looking cool and fresh!  To be honest, I’m over the whole “Rihanna hairstyle” with extremely short sides and a longer sort of blob on top.  The style that inspired her ‘do however, is one that I think is hot and should be rocked by more women.  I went downtown the other night and saw a woman with this edgy and funky version of the Mohawk that left me speechless.  Mohawks that aren’t extremely short but instead leave a bit of length are best especially if they have a choppy look to it.  I’ve surveyed a few of my friends to get their perspective and 2 of the 3 (seriously!) agree with me.  The one that wasn’t on board feels that it is a bit too “punk rock” for her taste but does agree that when done correctly it can be okay.  Hey, what does she know?!  ~ By Amore, dana’s loft HAIR Blogger



April 7, 2009

I’m Baaaaaaaack! And ready to de-frizz.

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Hey Sweeties!

I’m back! I know it took me a minute, but this blogging thing it not easy for me, I’m just a hairdressa after all…… So since I am off to a slow start, I thought I would first answer some of the many questions sent to me by you guys and maybe we can get some good discussions going. Fill free to hit me up with your comments and any more advice that might be related to the question.

Lara from NY: I have naturally wavy hair but L like to wear it straight, what is the most efficient way to de-frizz?

Lara, the best thing for wavy or curly hair to de-frizz is to first give your hair a really good deep conditioner; this is one that is highly moisturizing that you sit under the dryer with for at least 10 minutes. Next make sure that before you blow dry your hair you add a leave-in conditioner, preferable one that is meant to smooth and straighten the hair. The most important part about de-frizzing your hair while getting it straight is to blow your hair from wet. If your hair is healthy and in good condition, it is not damaging to blow dry from wet. Once you have set your hair by sitting under the dyer or by a roller set it takes more heat and more tension to get it straight with a blow dryer (which will never be enough heat to get it straight). Blow drying from wet allows the hair to get smooth with not as much heat or tension. Also make sure that you have the right brush to dry your hair with, I recommend a Denman brush; these are the best brushes to detangle the hair and gets the hair nice and smooth without pulling hair out or breaking hair. If you take the right steps to blowing your hair dry, you will have to use less heat with an iron, which is always better with in the long run.

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