April 20, 2009

Fresh Spring Looks: Going Edgy & Bohemian Chic!

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay's New Spring Do'!



I have to say that I am a H-U-G-E fan of the bohemian hair style.  Giselle Bundchen and Lindsay Lohan are two celebs that tend to sport this style a lot.  I think it’s great because it’s a style that gets better as the day goes on and it can easily be taken from day to night without much effort- the perfect look to start Spring looking cool and fresh!  To be honest, I’m over the whole “Rihanna hairstyle” with extremely short sides and a longer sort of blob on top.  The style that inspired her ‘do however, is one that I think is hot and should be rocked by more women.  I went downtown the other night and saw a woman with this edgy and funky version of the Mohawk that left me speechless.  Mohawks that aren’t extremely short but instead leave a bit of length are best especially if they have a choppy look to it.  I’ve surveyed a few of my friends to get their perspective and 2 of the 3 (seriously!) agree with me.  The one that wasn’t on board feels that it is a bit too “punk rock” for her taste but does agree that when done correctly it can be okay.  Hey, what does she know?!  ~ By Amore, dana’s loft HAIR Blogger



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