May 20, 2009

The New IT Fashion Item!

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It’s time for you to store away those winter coats. No more wool or dark colors either. Why? It’s spring. Yes, you can still wear that black dress, but don’t forget the color. Spring is all about versatility and color. Pink, blue, orange, and yellow are a few colors to get you started. Ok, so you have you’re colors. Now what?

Lately I have been seeing everyone wearing high waisted skirts. What else could put someone in the springtime mood? These skirts come in every color, every design, and every size. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 16, there is a high wasted skirt out there waiting for you. Flowers, stripes, and other cool designs are out there in colors like lavender, baby blue, and a powdery pink.

Now you’re wondering where to find these skirts. I have made you’re mouth water long enough. My favorite place in the WORLD to shop is Forever 21. With the economy the way it is, you would not like to spend a fortune on one little skirt. That’s where Forever comes into play. Who could go wrong with a place that has the word “sale” printed in a row across the windows? I sure wouldn’t. The skirts are anywhere from $12.95 to $24.95 and they also have a great selection of accessories, tops, and sweaters.

Another important key for a springtime extravaganza is to curl you’re hair. Leaving it straight was for the winter. It’s spring now and what would look better with that high waisted skirt then a few bouncy curls? Don’t forget to be you and express yourself through your fashion, hair, and beauty. By Jada ~ dana’s loft HAIR Blogger

Forever 21's High Waist Denim Pencil Skirt $22.80

Forever 21's High Waist Denim Pencil Skirt $22.80


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