May 28, 2009

STAY BEAUTIFUL with Hot Summer Looks!

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Hi Sweeties, long time no blog!

So… Since we’ve all been struggling to have a spring here in NYC, and are all, of course, anticipating the break of this weather, I wanted to jump start us to the upcoming season and bring a little sunshine into our lives (and do’s!) by talking about summer hair.

DanaShort crops are still the craze and color comes in all varieties for the season. Since early April all of my clients have been coming in for major transformations which include cuts, color and re-texturing; and most have had all three services! Spring has always been a time for change, and since everyone seems to be in some transitional phase, why not treat yourself to a low maintenance change that will make you feel anew, plus get you through the summer?

So, like I said before, short cuts are still the craze (thanks RiRi) and for these soon-to-be hot days, what could be better than a cropped cut? Asymmetrical, faux hawk, bob or pixie, short is the way to stay cool!



And for you Sweeties who just can’t stomach chopping their locks, why not try a color transformation? Most of my client can’t get enough of the browns and the reds, and I love it! Coffee browns have been the all-time favorite. With colors like mocha, latte and caramels all blended in some form or fashion, these sweet flavors have given my Sweeties a nice touch of swagger. Then we have the daring darlings who opt to go full fledge with some red or copper, and have never looked back: loving you Sweeties!!!!!!!!



But whatever you choose to do with your hair this summer, sit down with your stylist (bring plenty of pictures) and discuss how you can give yourself a new look for the season. It will not only make you feel better, but it will make you look hot, hot, hot for some summer fun!

Stay Beautiful,


(I would like to thank my clients: Shannon Washington, Ngina Bowen, Nicole Johnson and Awilda Rivera for letting me use their photos on my site. Thanks Sweeties!)


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