September 7, 2009

When Tears turns to Triumph

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Although this is normally a blog about hair, beauty and fashion, I feel that when important things about women are brought to my attention, I must write about them.

My long time client and dear friend, Dawn Marie Daniels and her business partner, Candace Sandy (also a friend) have just released their third book: Tears to Triumph Women Learn to Live, Love and Thrive, Kensington Publishing Corp. Like their other two books: Souls of My Sisters and Souls Revealed, Tears to Triumph is a book about women’s personal challenges and their triumph over life’s difficult and unfair hardships. tears to triumph¥MECH

With the assistance of Dr. Jarralynne Agee, this book will help you learn:

  • How to identify the lesson in the moment
  • The cause of stressful behaviors-and the solutions
  • What to look for, how to react, and where to go for more help
  • Specific ways to insure emotional, interpersonal, and career success
  • Identify your success pattern based on your unique experience

“You can be happy and live a healthy, fulfilling life while rising to meet today’s difficult challenges”      Tears to Triumph

I have had the honor and pleasure of writing one of the stories in this book, Love it Away p. 164, as well as two of my friends; Roberta Ham Walker, Ph.D, Repositioning p. 51 and Francyne Ellison, Love Really Matters p. 208; and I am sure that we can all agree that writing these stories have been very therapeutic for us!

So, even if you are not in the mood for another self-help book, I feel in this time of uncertainty and transition, we all could use a book of this kind to get us through our bumps in the road.

Check out Tears to  Triumph, I promise you, it will be just what you need, at this moment.

Tears to Triumph is sold at Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and www.soulsofmysisters.com


June 9, 2009

Finally, A Nail Polish We Can All Appreciate!

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Ladies, it is time to get your feet out of those closed toe shoes and get them into the hottest sandals of the season. But, before sliding those puppies into your new sandals or flip flops, a well deserved pedicure is in order. I’d like to recommend trying a nail polish brand called M2M. This polish was made by Myrdith Leon-McCormack (manicurist to many well known celebrities) and Monica Promsavanh (worked in the fashion industry and is also a celebrity manicurist). This polish comes in several colors and is sure to please everyone’s desire; be it neutrals, brights, or darks. M2M is great because whether you’re spending a weekend on vacation, have your hands in water all the time, or just want a polish that doesn’t chip off a day after applying, it is long lasting, vibrant, and is formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free.

Jaleesa from America's Next Top Model

Jasleen from America's Next Top Model

Also both founders have teamed up with the Carma Foundation -which is a non-profit organization that helps under-priveledged families and individuals in Haiti find food, housing assistance, and medical care- so a portion of every bottle of polish purchased goes towards helping Carma Foundation aid those who are less fortunate. You can learn more about M2M and the Carma Foundation if you visit http://www.m2mdamorejon.com. M2M can be found at a few locations throughout the city, so try it out and let me know what you think. By Amore ~ dana’s loft HAIR Blogger

April 20, 2009

Spring Treats: MAC Cosmetics’ Sugarsweet Collection!

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MAC's Sugarsweet Shadestick ~ Retail Price: $16.50

MAC's Sugarsweet Shadestick ~ Retail Price: $16.50



With warmer weekends teasing my senses and causing spring fever, I am now, like many women, in the mood to shop.  I stopped at a MAC cosmetics store the other day (because I can’t live without their products) and noticed that they have a new spring collection called Sugarsweet.  This collection is full of spring-like colors that represent popular confections and sweet treats.  I tried the Sugarsweet Shadestick which is a creamy eye shadow that is conveniently packaged in a lipstick type tube for easy mess-free applications. 

There are five different cupcake inspired colors and the best part is that the colors really do have a frosty look to them with just enough shimmer to satisfy the little girl inside you without going overboard.  They sell for $16.50 and can be combined with other great items from this collection such as the mineralized powder and lipstick.  Right now MAC has a promotion going on so if you buy your products online they will ship your purchase for free if it’s over $60. ~ By Amore, dana’s loft HAIR Blogger

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