July 2, 2009

Lower East Side Fashion Stop: The LAEL Boutique!

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As we all know dana’s loft Hair is located at 96 Orchard street in lower Manhattan.  Dana is an amazing stylist who specializes in color and cuts for all hair types and ethnicities.  Aside from the fact that you will look fabulous when you leave her salon, I have another incentive to come for a visit.  The Lower East Side (LES) is a great neighborhood with lots of wonderful restaurants and shops that offer great eats and must have items to add to your wardrobe.  The first place that I would like to bring to your attention is LAEL.  It is a cute little shop that sells women’s clothing, located at 254 Broome street.  Almost every item in the store is $100the burst maxi dress - LAEL or less and the owner (Angie Cha) is more than helpful and extremely friendly.

In terms of my fashion likes for the season, this summer is all about loosely fitting dresses that are stylish and fuss-free.  I love to be able to get up in the morning and get dressed without too much effort, yet have a look that fashionistas will appreciate.  And for these types of comfortable, hip, and trendy dresses, LAEL is definitely the place to go to.  Another item that seems to be popular in the store is the skinny jean.  I’ve actually wanted a pair of black ones but, I digress.  The skinny jeans have a non discriminating fit and form very well on the body all the while being very comfortable.  I know this first hand because my sister and I tried on a pair a few weeks ago and even though we have totally different body types (hers being curvy and mine stick thin) we were both more than satisfied with what we saw as we checked ourselves out in the mirror.

You can checkout LAEL online at http://www.laelshop.com however I feel that it’s one of those shops that you just have to go to.  So, after you’ve renewed your spirit with a new wonderful hairdo from Dana, take a few moments to walk a block down the street (go to Broome and make a left, it’s the second shop on your left) to sift through the racks at LAEL.  You never know what goodies you’ll find!

By Amore ~ dana’s loft HAIR Blogger


May 20, 2009

Keeping it Stylish with Jazzi!

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Jazzi McGilbert

Jazzi McGilbert

Okay ladies, I have to tell you about a talented and cool young lady I had the pleasure to meet about a week ago: Jazzi McGilbert!  At only 21 years old (as of May 9th– HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZZI!!!) this girl has seen and done a lot more than most people her age and she has the talent and drive to make her dreams come true… In style! Passionate about fashion, Jazzi  is a college student, a freelance stylist, and an amazing blogger who’s interned on fantastic photo shoots while meeting big names in the entertainment industry! A bi-coastal fashionista, Jazzi is based in LA and NYC, so with her style tips, you get a great blend of West coast chic with the funky edgy mix of the New York City.

Please, please, please check out Jazzi’s blog and let me know what you think by leaving comments: www.jazzimcg.com/blog

By Amore ~ dana’s loft HAIR Blogger

April 20, 2009

Hot Shopping Tips: Look Good, Spend Less!

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Banana Republic "Racerback dress" - Sale Price: $59.99 (Org. $98)

Banana Republic "Racerback dress" - Sale Price: $59.99 (Org. $98)


With the current financial crisis, many stores are having sales to attract customers, and well, I can’t say I’m disappointed about that.  Right now, Banana Republic is a great place to shop because the sale section is overflowing with merchandise that has been marked down several times!  I love this store even more now because they have a new designer who is putting more color into the clothing line, improving the cuts so each style has a better fit; and the shoes are far more comfortable while still being fashionable. 

Another hit these days is the Arden B store. This is a store that I use to go to but haven’t been in for quite some time. I have a friend, however, who swears by them.  She told me their sale merchandise is not only heavily marked down but also has another 60%-65% taken off the sale price when you reach the register!  How awesome is that? Unlike most stores, the sale section is filled not only with winter items, but with spring and summer pieces as well.  One can easily walk out of there with $5 belts and $8 tops amongst other things.  With prices like those, you can leave the store with bags full of new clothes and accessories.  What’s better than great, stylish clothes at affordable prices??? ~ By Amore, dana’s loft HAIR blogger


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